Bloody Moon (1981) 80's Horror Movie Review


  1. This has sorta become a favorite slasher of mine, just because of how odd it is. I mean, the weird, disfigured brother being the killer at first, and then the creepy, skeevy incest angle, a little kid being killed, yeah, early 80s Euro-trash horror all the way

  2. Hahaha bandsaw madness I love this one. Yes the film has a lot of shortcomings but it's a lot of fun. if you know Franco and you know slashers put em together and you know what your gonna get. I did find your point about it being more Giallo insightful I'd never thought of this in that light before because it was posing as an 80's slasher I'm a huge Giallo fan and yes you are correct a lot of the tropes are there.

  3. I love Bloody Moon! You're spot on. It's not a good movie, but Jess Franco has a certain style that keeps things entertaining. And I can totally see the Italian Giallo influence. Great work as always!

  4. Always a great review from you Ben-I didn't realize what movie it was when I started watching your video, and then I thought that I've seen this before because I have Bloody Moon on blu-ray lol and yeah, that scene with the giant saw is pretty crazy.

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